Moving to a new house is an exciting period for most people, but not the process it entails. With so many tasks to accomplish, such as packing, looking for movers, and adjusting your schedules to meet your target move-in date, all these can easily overwhelm you! The key here is to be prepared so that the stresses won’t be burdensome.

As the moving day looms around the corner, here are six tips that you can follow to lessen the stress and make the process much easier.

1. Declutter your house

Know that clutter can easily accumulate during your stay in your current place, and the best time to sort through the mess is before you move. Start decluttering and arranging each item in piles to either keep them or throw some away. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to throw away all your items (unless it’s meant for to be thrown); you can give some items to friends, donate, or sell them. Whichever way is suitable for you, the key here is to reduce the clutter.


2. Explore your new area

One of the aspects that can overwhelm you during the moving process and on moving day itself is the new area that you’re moving into. Imagine hauling all your belongings in one day in an unfamiliar place—it can be a terrifying experience for some. Before moving day, take a trip or two to your new place and stroll around, check out neighborhoods, local restaurants, and amenities. Get a feel of the place so that when you’re moving, you won’t be intimidated too much by the strange surroundings and feel.


3. Start packing

The key to efficient packing is to do it by area, which means you must do it by room. It will become so stressful when you’re close to moving day, and you have to pack the entire house. This is why you should start packing room by room a month or even a few weeks before moving day. This will also help prevent items from getting lost along the way; plus, it will make you more organized as you pack.


4. Create an inventory

As you pack, take inventory of the items that you’re packing and leaving behind. It’s good to have a list when moving because this lets you be more organized, and it lessens the chances of items being left behind or lost. This is also a good idea in case something happens to the items while in-transit to your new home.

5. Secure your valuables

All your valuables and essentials must be in one box or bag. This will make it easier when you’re sorting through the stuff and arranging them inside your new home.

6. Deal with huge furniture early on

For huge furniture, deal with them as early as possible. If you don’t know how to dismantle these, have someone to come over a few days before moving to help you out. On the other hand, if the movers can take care of the dismantling, leave it to them, and take care of your boxes and your bag of essentials.

The process of moving is where the challenge lies, but be prepared a few weeks or even a month before moving day so that the process will be easier. So, as early as you can, declutter, get to know the local area you’re moving into, pack room by room, have an inventory, secure your valuables, and deal with big furniture. These tips will give you fewer things to worry about on moving day!

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