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5 Things to Throw Out Before Moving to a New Home – Our Guide

While you’re sifting through all your belongings, it might be hard to organize what you need to bring to your new home. A new home means a fresh start, so you should not bring all the unwanted items with you. You can create a handy list that will make packing a breeze. It can serve as a guide on what to keep and what items to say goodbye to.

Here’s a list of common house objects that you should throw out before moving to your new home:

Medications that have expired or will no longer be used

Most houses have a hidden stash of medicines that have either expired or are old prescriptions. Since you have no use for expired medications, it is best to dispose of them when moving to a new home. We recommend researching the guidelines provided by the FDA for the disposal of medicines.

Toys that your children have outgrown

A new house needs a better space for your growing children. If you have a stack of toys that your child has long outgrown, it’s time to get rid of them. Toys may have sentimental value, but you won’t have to worry about losing toys since you know you’ll acquire new ones. You can either donate them to a local charity or church group or sell them on a garage sale.

Bulky and excessive coffee mugs

In your new house, a kitchen is waiting to be filled with a more organized array of items. So make sure to estimate the size of your new cupboards before packing the things to put on them. It’s time to let go of the bulky and excessive coffee mugs you are not likely going to use anyway. This will prevent you from overcrowding your kitchen storage space. While you may not want to throw all of them to the trash, you can donate them to a charity or send them to your siblings.

Outdated DVDs and CDs

The reality is that DVDs and CDs are a thing of the past. With the technology available today, you can play as many tunes or movies on the computer or on your phone as you want. Turn on the right speaker, and you’re all set. It’s time to throw out the outdated DVDs and CDs that you don’t want to use anymore. You may keep some of the classics, but it’s best to eliminate most of them as they can only add clutter to your TV system.

Phased out electronic devices

Aside from old DVDs and CDs, review your stash of unused electronics. You might have devices that you can no longer use today, such as old chargers, laptops, outdated iPads and iPhones, and so on. Some of these things may still work. However, it’s time to give up on them as they only accumulate dust in your drawers. You may also get an opportunity to sell electronics, especially if they are less than five years old.


Don’t let the small things accumulate and take over your new home. These five everyday objects should be the least of your problems. To help you in transitioning to your new home, find a moving company that can save you the hassle of moving day.

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