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We understand that moving to your new house or office is not only a tiring but time-consuming task. Not only to find a company you can trust,
but it also needs to have both the experience and vehicles to help you move. Fortunately, Jochas Moving and Delivery in Tampa can help you move,
and deliver your stuff to your location no matter how heavy the furniture is! Get a free estimate from our company and we will do the rest for you!
No hidden costs, no additional payments and an affordable price.

Moving your furniture and belongings, no matter how large or small, can be a stressful experience for anyone. Different phases happen during the moving day that includes high risks in loss and damage to your property. It not only involves strenuous activities, but it also takes so much of your time. To help you look for the right moving company for you, here are five tips you need to follow.

Avoid cramming while searching

It’s best to start your search a few weeks before the actual moving day to avoid making a rash decision. Give ample time to go through different companies comprehensively; you wouldn’t want to get stuck with a moving company that can’t give you a guarantee. With a few week’s allowances, you can compare the estimated prices and reviews of each company.

Always check the reviews first

Before making any decision, make sure that you check the reviews of the moving company. Reviews can either be found online or through word-of-mouth. It’s best to rely on word-of-mouth reviews to assure you that a personal friend or family has received the services first hand. Online reviews are helpful, too, so you can garner more feedback about each company. Find reviews from trusted sites, such as Better Business BureauYelp, and Google.

Choose only proven experts

There are a lot of moving companies that advertise their services on the internet. However, not all of them are proven to be experts. In looking for the best moving company, check how experienced they are in moving highly valuable furniture, such as a grand piano or gym equipment. Find a company that has a proper handling protocol when it comes to fragile items. Check for related information through online reviews and find out if they have success stories or a history of bad services.

Always ask for a quotation

When comparing companies, it’s best to base your decision on their price quotation. A good price quotation should be complete with all the details, such as price, timeline, and inclusions. As a rule, it’s never good to second-guess the inclusions in the quotation. If some details are not explicitly stated, such as whether labor or installation is included, then it’s best to seek confirmation from the company. The price you received might include all the services required, and you will end up paying for more than you expected.

Check the company’s credibility

There is a lot of trusts involved in this contract of services because you expect them to transport your belongings from one place to another, even without your presence during transportation. The risk is considered high, given the value of the properties being moved. Also, when you ask the services of a moving company, it means you allow them to enter your home and invade your personal space.
It’s therefore critical that the moving company has secured its permits and licenses to operate their business. For those moving to another state, make sure that the company obtained a license from the Department of Transportation.


If you’re looking for the best moving company that you can rely on taking care of your precious belongings, you need to know the factors to consider first. There are tons of moving companies out there, but you need to set apart the amateurs from the true experts.

  1. weeks in advance so that you can choose a quality service that will suit your needs. My wife and I are worried that we will not be able to move out of our current home before the end of the month since we are unable to lift our leather couch out of our basement by ourselves, and we’d like to find a relocation service with the equipment needed to safely move it. We’ll consider finding a reputable company that can help us move soon.

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