Packing things up can be quite tedious as a task, not to mention a bit tricky. You are likely to get overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to bring when moving out. It can be pretty hard to decide on what to bring with you and what to leave behind. The key here is to start packing up early—sit down, contemplate, and decide on the valuable items to pack up first. Doing so can leave you with a successful and stress-free packing experience.

If you are having a hard time deciding on where to begin, here are seven items you should take priority of when packing things up.

Storage items

You may want to start with all the items that are already packed and kept in the storage unit or garage to save time and effort. However, make sure to open these boxes and toss out those that are no longer necessary.

Seasonal clothes

You may consider those seasonal clothes next, as they are already kept in a packaged form. They are a lot easier to rearrange, so consider them first before you deal with the more challenging parts of your home.

Rarely used kitchenware

Rarely used kitchenware, such as fancy dishes and utensils, may have been properly kept, so you can deal with them first as well. However, be careful with the fragile items and make sure to label them in the box.

Pieces of artwork

Pieces of artwork, such as wall hangings, picture frames, and other decorative materials, should be packed first. Doing so will prevent you from forgetting them down on your moving day, given all the other essential items you have to think about.

Smaller stuff

Know that smaller items are quite hard to pack, so you should deal with them early on. Otherwise, the chances are that you may feel overwhelmed by all these knick-knacks scattered throughout your home. If you do pack them in the last day, you might end up leaving some behind.


Do not miss out on packing handlooms first, such as towels, cushions, and linens. Make sure to keep a few most needed linens and towels for your use—and put the rest into the boxes.

Reading materials

You should keep all your books at the beginning of packing so that you won’t leave them out. However, make sure to leave a good book or two, as you may need to read them during your travel time.

A few packing tips for you

To make the whole packing process during the initial stage a lot easier, here are a few packing tips for your guide and reference:

Prepare all the necessary packing materials (cardboard boxes, tape, brown paper, bubble wrap, markers, and zip bags)

  • Start storing fragile items separately
  • Place heavy items in smaller boxes
  • Put smaller parts of bigger items into a zip pouch
  • Mark and label all the boxes
  • Put the towels and linens in a cardboard box
  • Have an essentials bag

Final words

The seven items mentioned above are what you need to prioritize first when packing things up. Dealing with them first can make it a lot easier for you to tackle the rest of your stuff as you move closer to your moving date.

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