Moving out to a new place in a different location, state, or country can be an overwhelming process. No matter how much you have prepared, there will be several aspects to remember before you can move out. The goal is to ensure you have all the items that you need, and that nothing is left pending or behind, and that your transition will go as smoothly as possible. With only one week remaining before your move, however, you may have a mixed feeling of stress, anxiety, and excitement.

To ensure that everything’s in place, make sure to consider the following important aspects below:

1. Take care of all your banking

There’s no better way to feel secure and at ease, than to take care of all your banking matters before you move. Whether you’re moving to another state or a new country and you’re moving banks, make sure to transfer bank accounts and close safety deposit boxes before your move.

2. Have a box for the essentials

Remember to pack a box with clothes and toiletries. You’ll need this box for your trip and the first few nights in your new home. If you’re traveling with your family, make sure that everyone in your family has their own box with all the essentials that they need. Each box should also include items, such as toilet paper, contact lenses, pet food, and medication, among others.

3. Settle all remaining bills

If you’re moving to a distant location, chances are that you would have canceled your utilities or have them transferred to your new address. As a rule of thumb, make sure to settle all your remaining bills before your move. This is so that you won’t get chased by debt collectors.

4. Prepare all your items in the garage

The week before your move is the best time to have your tools and gardening supplies ready in the garage. Consider draining your lawnmower, power tools, and other equipment that are motorized of fuel. Make sure you properly dispose of anything that isn’t safe to move, particularly those that are flammable.

5. Contact and confirm with the mover

A week before your trip, don’t forget to contact the moving company you’ve hired. Make sure to confirm their arrival times and parking strategies. Finally, go over all arrangements to ensure everything is on track to reduce the chances of hiccups along the way.

6. Dissemble remaining pieces of furniture

You may also need to take apart your furniture before the movers arrive. In most cases, a full-service mover will do this for you. However, if you’re responsible for preparing furniture, the week before the move will be the time to get it ready.

7. Plan a simple meal before moving out

It’s best to figure out a simple meal plan at the beginning of the week. It will help if you decide what or where you’ll eat the night before your move and each night in between. Doing so will make a difference in your transition process.

8. Finalize all the packing

Remember to finish whatever is left to pack and finalize everything before the end of the week. This is because you don’t want to leave too much packing for the last day.

// Final words

You will want your transition from the old house to the new humble abode to go as smoothly as possible. Know that a week is enough to ensure that everything’s in place. With the valuable tips outlined above, you will have a smooth moving experience.



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