You may have many questions if you are taking advantage of a moving company for the very first time. Something that you may not have thought of when doing your research is considering the final costs of paying your movers, which include tipping. Prior to parting ways with your movers that carefully handled all of your belongings safely from one place to the next, you should have knowledge on how much you should tip both the movers and packers.

Should I tip my mover?

Definitely tip your more if you are highly satisfied with their services. If this is the case, every member of the team should receive a tip. Technically, it isn’t a requirement to tip movers. However, you should keep in mind that tips are not included in your final bill either. Moving furniture that is heavy, and packing can be difficult work. The point of movers is to save you time and unwanted stress. Giving your movers a nice tip is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Reasons Why a Person Would not Tip

People who tip in general are happy and satisfied with the services they have received no matter if it is for moving or something else. However, for those who are not satisfied, a tip may be completely out of the question or a smaller tip may be considered. Some reasons why a person may choose not to tip include:

What amount is considered a reasonable tip?

It is important to decide how much you should tip your moving team. You need to also break down the total cost of your move. A general rule of thumb is to stick between 5% to 20% of the total for a tip.

Some people take other factors into mind when deciding on what to base their tip amount on. For example, customers may tip based on how many hours their moving team worked, or a certain percentage of the cost of the bill. Other customers may decide to tip solely on the absolute minimum they think is appropriate.

Certain circumstances should be taken into consideration when deciding on the amount to provide for a tip. If you only worked with your movers for a couple of hours, a 10% tip may sound perfect. However, the final cost you pay to the team will depend on the total number of hours they take to move your belongings.

You may choose to determine the amount of the tip based on how long it takes for the movers to complete the move. A good guide to follow is $10 per person for 4 hours, and $20 for a full day. On another note, if your moving team is working from sun up to sown down, or they are spending a lot of time packing items that are fragile, you should pay each person at least $40.  

Best Method of Tipping Movers

It is common to tip movers or anyone for that matter with cash. However, nowadays, it is even more common for people to not carry any cash. The question becomes if you should grab some cash the day prior to your move day to tip your movers.

Cash is still the best method to use when offering a tip. Even if you feel that the total cost for the move was plenty, the actual delivery movers do not see the majority of that money. Paying the moving team in cash is the best method because the team can split it amongst them and their share can go to each individual right away. If you forgot to run to the ATM, or have no cash on you to tip you can consider these options:

All in all, it is better to tip every team member individually. This expresses your gratitude to them instead of to just the leader. This is also beneficial because it guarantees you know where your money is going. Additionally, if you notice a single mover working much harder than the rest of the team, it is wise to tip accordingly.