Hiring A Professional Packing Service  

When it is time to move, one may never know just how much they have in their possession until the packing begins. Packing alone is entirely time-consuming, even if one’s belongings are minimal. This is a task that may require a person to de-clutter everything to figure out what they are taking with them, and what needs to go in the dumpster. This may also be a task that persuades one to hire a professional packing company. There are many packing services that will handle all the wrapping, organizing, and packing of boxes for every room in the home. This results in a move that is stress-free.

For those thinking about using a packing service, there are a few things to consider such as cost, time, and reliability.

What’s Included in a Packing Service?  

Packing services usually include a few different options for customers to choose from such as:

The Basic Package

The basic package is the more inexpensive package out of them all and will take care of items that are hard to pack such as TVs, glassware, and china, and any antiques one may have. They will send over trained packers who will pack up the items safely that the customer designates. Customers should consider this package as an entry-level service since it is more on the inexpensive side, even though it will not cover the customer’s entire home.

Per-Room Package

Maybe a customer just needs help packing up their kitchen. Or maybe one needs help with certain areas such as the basement and kitchen. This option allows the customer to turn over a chunk of the work to the professionals without spending every penny they have. This is a great service for those who may just need to cut down on their packing time even though they can do the majority of the work on their own.

Entire Home Package

The entire home package service basically includes a customer’s entire home. This includes the clothes in one’s closet to the kitchen silverware. While this is the priciest of all the packages, it takes care of the whole packing process in no more than two days. This means that the customer doesn’t even have to lift a finger to assist.

Aside from the several service options, customers are also able to make the decision whether they would like the packing company to come prepared with their own materials, or the customer may want to provide certain items such as tape and boxes. It may save the customer a few bucks to buy the materials on their own, but it really depends on what the customer decides.

Costs for Packing Services  

Apparently, packing services will cost customers more than if they were to do it on their own. However, it doesn’t have to mean that it is not affordable. It really just depends on how the customer decides to use them.

Deciding on the service level is the first step to determining cost. An entire home that needs packing is going to cost more than just a couple of rooms. Many companies will reduce the hourly price the more packers a customer books per hour.

Prices may vary, and it is normal to find companies that charge anywhere between $32-$42 per hour, and per packer. The price will increase as a customer tags on any add-ons.

Things to Keep in Mind  

While packing services may raise the cost of one’s moving budget, they will definitely make life easier. Consider a few more things prior to hiring a packing company.


Nothing gets hidden when packers are packing up everything that a customer owns. This means that a customer’s privacy will be limited. While they may have seen it all, customers may choose to pack up items that they feel uncomfortable with strangers seeing prior or decide that this may not be the right service for them.


It’s one thing to pack up items on one’s own and break them in the process. But it’s another thing to have a packer break certain objects. If this were to happen, this means that the customer is covered. Packing companies are required to have insurance in the event something were to break.

Additional Expenses

For those that are on a budget, make sure not to put all funds towards a packing company. Even after everything is all packed up, one may decide that they still need to pay a different company to come and move all of their things. Also, other additional costs to consider may be a security deposit or a down payment on the new home or the costs of new furniture.

All in all, professional packing services can solve the difficult problems of packing. However, they may not be the right option for every single person. This is why it is imperative for one to weigh out their options and come up with a budget prior to hiring a packing service company.

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