Do you have plans of moving into a new place or city anytime soon?

Most of the time, moving from one city to another is a staggering process. There’s so much preparation needed and many things to consider including how you can save time and money upon transferring. You need to think wisely about where is the best place for you to move in taking into consideration the cost of living, job opportunities, taxes and a lot more.

Thankfully in the United States, there are many prominent cities that offer plenty of job opportunities, inexpensive housing cost, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Moving to these cities may be the best decision you have ever made.

We made a list of some affordable cities that you may want to consider in moving in.

  1. Youngstown Ohio. To those starting to build a family, this place would be perfect. They have cheap housing in a relaxing environment.
  2. Boise Idaho. With 206 sunny days, you will enjoy some outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and even boating. The housing and tax rate in this area is much cheaper than the national average.
  3. Harlingen Texas. This is the cheapest city to live in because of the least expensive housing. Wallets won’t scream in fear of expenses.
  4. Pueblo Colorado. The cost of living is 17% lower than the national median. A satisfying place to relocate if you want to cut down your expenses.
  5. Augusta Georgia. The housing rate is 27% than the average with cheaper food. Budget won’t go loco at all.

We also made a list of expensive cities that you may want to consider for your vacation or if you want to experience a sophisticated life.

  1. New York City, New York. The Big Apple – known as the most expensive city in the US and ranked as top 9 in the world. A property’s value in this area is more than half a million-dollar compared with the national median of $245,000. Everything here costs more. But if you can survive in the Big Apple, definitely you can survive anywhere.
  2. Washington DC. Houses would value as much as $630,000. The place also offers a lot of job opportunities because of too many federal agencies and its strong tourism.
  3. San Diego California. This is where the defense department and military contracting firms are located which makes it one of the priciest in the US.
  4. Miami Florida. The only city in the south of the US that is included in the top 10 most expensive listing. Miami gets the high price tag due to the presence of a large number of an international financial institution, and the busiest cruise ship in the world
  5. Honolulu Hawaii. You pay a lot of money for everything, from groceries to utilities.

Whatever decision you’ve made, whether to go inexpensively or want to experience a luxurious life, you will need the help of moving services like Jochas Moving & Delivery Service, a local mover in Florida and nearby cities. The said delivery service offers a commendable movingpacking, and delivery services.

Aside from choosing the best place that suits your standard of living, what else you would need to consider before moving?

Here is the list of things to do before moving out of your place of origin.

  1. Pre-pack your things. The small things that are not usually used can be prepared early, segregated properly in each box with labels as well. You can separate things that are not or will not be useful in your new surroundings. Make sure to take things of value for you.
  2. Make a list of moving inventory. This includes appliances, furniture, and fixtures, even those you pre-packed ahead of time should be on the list. Make it detailed and easy to understand. This list of inventory can help you determine what will be the cost of your moving.
  3. Dispose of or get rid of things you don’t need. Damaged items should be disposed of in the garbage bin. Outdated clothes, gadgets, toys, books or even appliances can be sent out for charity. Doing this ahead can save you lots of time and lessen your moving cost.
  4. Create a customized moving calendar. Moving can be a huge process, so you need to have a calendar and set a projected time and date for each task you need to do. This will help organize your time and monitor your moving progress.
  5. Define a moving budget. You need to evaluate your financial situation so you can set up your moving budget and make sure your savings will be enough not only for moving but also to start anew.
  6. Determine the moving date. You will take into consideration the start of the school year, the start of your new job if ever you have a new one and even the end of the contract lease. Be flexible and must always have an alternate plan for whatever circumstances that happened.
  7. Decide whether you move alone or hire a moving service. Do some research then analyze the negative and positive sides of each method of moving. If you decide to move by yourself, consider the risks of doing it alone. If you want to get moving help, choose the reliable and trustworthy one.
  8. Picking out the best movers. You can ask for a recommendation. Get estimates of moving cost, compare the rate and services offered, check their licenses and legalities, decide, check paper works and sign a contract with your chosen one. In this part, you can try Jochas Moving and Delivery, a moving service for 10 years and still counting.
  9. Inform your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues about your move and your new address. One of the best things to do is to change your address before moving to a new house not only to forward your mail to the new address but also to make it easy to update all the documents needed.
  10. Everything is set, then just throw a simple farewell party to say goodbye to your friends and your home. Make sure your home is clean before leaving.

Moving is not an easy thing to do. There are many factors to consider before, during and after you move. Doing it alone will consume lots of your time, energy and money.

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