Are you one of those people who assume that they will be saving money by moving their furniture on their own rather than hiring professional movers? While you think that renting a truck seems like a great idea, you have to remember the hidden costs of moving your furniture yourself.

The overall cost that you’d be spending will be way more than the savings you thought you’d get. Imagine the cost of renting or buying packing equipment, time and effort of convincing family and friends to help you pack, load and even drive, cost of gas, replacing or repairing damaged furniture handled by your ‘helpers’, and so on. Here are a few pros and cons you can consider if you’re asking yourself if it’s worth it to hire a furniture delivery service or not.

Pros of Hiring Furniture Delivery Services

1. Efficient  

Let us say that you hired a professional furniture delivery service, it is then safe to assume that they’re reliable and efficient. Moving and delivery in Tampa, when legitimate and experienced means a better transition for your move. These movers are under contract to help you with all agreed-upon aspects of your move. They will arrive on time, have the necessary equipment and supplies that they will need to pack and store your furniture with. Choosing to hire a reliable furniture delivery service will save you tons of time.

2.   Less Stress

Most furniture is heavy, so hiring a professional means you won’t have to lift a finger. You will need not to worry about lifting and carrying any of your heavy furniture down the stairs and out your door. No need to worry about scratching floors, straining your muscles or asking people for help. All you have to do is facilitate and look pretty. Overall, that’s less than you doing all of that.

Cons of Furniture Delivery Services

1. Expensive

Let’s be honest – hiring professionals means money. Whether we like it or not, we have to spend money that we can easily use for other things than paying furniture delivery service providers. Although they will ease things for us, we have to allocate funds for this. Some say this can cost you up to $200 per hour.

2. Less Flexible

When hiring professional furniture delivery service providers, you limit control on yourself over the move. There will be a scheduled date and time of the furniture pick-up to how these movers handle your belonging. Yes, they handle your furniture with care, but maybe not as much as if you would do it. The worst thing that could happen is you waiting for weeks for the truck to arrive because they had multiple stops before reaching your new place.

Deciding whether to hire furniture delivery service providers solely depends on you. Of course, there are things like budget, proximity to the new place, and even your physical capacity will be considered. But all in all, it depends on you – take a look at the pros and cons before making any final decisions.

But overall, it would be easier on your part if you hire moving and delivery services in Tampa. Don’t worry, Jochas Moving and Delivery is more than willing to help you move to a new home. We’ll make sure that everything will be done efficiently!


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