The last time you moved, I’m sure you remember the number of things you took along that weren’t needed or necessary but you probably did not realize this until you had moved fully.

Moving takes a whole lot of time, resources, energy, money as well as some other things. This is why by every means possible, limit the number of things you would be carrying to your new place. The best way to do this is by carefully sorting out your things and identifying which ones you can make money from by selling them off, the ones to donate and the ones to throw out.

To make your work easier, we have highlighted below some of the items you can either choose to sell or simply donate.

Old Furniture

Furniture is one of the best items to sell when moving to another apartment especially if you have designer pieces still in perfect condition. Moving furniture alongside your stuff increases the cost of moving but when you choose to sell it, you make money or preferably donate it. Except you just bought the furniture and it is still very new, it’s best to let it go. Take measurements before moving so you can be sure of your decision. Most times, people feel like they can use the same furniture in the new place, but more often than not, it doesn’t fit; be it in size, space, and quality.  

Toys and Baby Gear

Lately, there are various kids consignment stores around the country so selling off toys is not an issue. The bigger the toy, the more you can make from selling it as long as it’s in perfect condition. Sorting kids’ toys are similar to sorting out clothing. Items like bassinets, carriers, swings, etc. can be easily sold or donated. They usually add to the costs of moving because they are heavy, so it’s best to sell or donate them.

Music Equipment

Musical equipment that you no longer need can also be sold or preferably donated to a local school or a music program in the community.


Electronic items like TVs, speakers, theatre room, humidifiers, etc. are always in demand so just sell them off. You can then add money to buy new ones for the new apartment.

Fine China and Antiques

If you inherited or were gifted some fine China that will no longer serve you in the new place, kindly sell it off. China has a high resale value so instead of adding it to your cost and allow it to garner dust in the new house, let it go. Antique pieces also have a great resale value. There are several antique shops online and on-ground that are ready to pay good money for them.  

Kitchen Items and Old Appliances

When you are moving from one place to another, most likely the new place is better than the former. If you already have certain power tools in your garage or basement that won’t be needed in the new apartment, it is cost-effective to sell them off. Power tools in great shape can be worth more than half of the price you bought them, so why not sell them? Kitchen items too like an oven, microwave, gas, dining set, etc. can be sold for good prices. But if you will be needing those items in your new place, you can sell them off so you can buy new ones for the new house. However, if you’d rather donate than sell them, there are several options through which you can donate them. Luxury items in general are things you can sell off or simply donate. Moving is stressful and expensive, the goal should be how to lessen both the stress and cost.

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